Spending Time with Myself

It has been a long time since I last posted.  This last year was magical, enlightening, frustrating and agonizing.  No different than usual, right?

Spending time going inward, I read, contemplated, meditated, and journeyed in the Shamanic tradition for insight and guidance. I had some major epiphanies involving my Shamanic and spiritual practices which set me up for a very eventful 2018.  I will be going on pilgrimage, completing my course work in Earth Medicine School, and going on a vision quest.  More on these in later posts.

I have struggled with my art for the past year, sometimes not being able to paint or draw, feeling so stuck.  I had ideas I could not start, others that did not meet my expectations so were tossed aside.  I would enter my studio and feel immediately tired, and uninspired.  I now finally had a studio of my own – what’s the matter with me!

I did manage to complete a short series in water color and wax.  Using water color paint, ink, and pastel I created color on Japanese paper.  I then moved the paper through melted wax to cover both sides, thus creating a luminescence to the paper.

I love the process with these, the playfulness, the smell of the beeswax.  I will make more.  One of these is currently hanging in Franklins Restaurant in Hyattsville, MD and one is in Old Line, in Beltsville, MD.

Last fall I gained incredible insight into Shamanic and spiritual work that I will begin this year.  I am very excited and a little daunted.  First up: a six week pilgrimage to Spain.  More about this and other exciting plans in upcoming posts.  (See how I set myself up for continued blogging?)

Peace, Artemis

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