I painted a self-portrait that actually looks like me!  I have done many sketches, but none that quite captured my features.  For this exercise, I started with a photo that I blended with a Cezanne painting in an app called Dreamscope.

Self Portrait Dreamscope

Then I painted the acrylic self-portrait using the above image as a reference.

Self Portrait web

I didn’t quite capture my hint of a smile, but, at least the features are in the right place!  I really love how the scarf came out – it captures the knit quality.  I also like the background, and the way the colors are repeated in the face.

Since January, I have been playing more with abstracts.  I am taking an online class with Jane Davies called “100 Drawings on Cheap Paper”.  We are actually painting rather than drawing, and I am doing anywhere from 6-10 pieces a week, for 10 weeks.  So not quite 100, but I am pleased with the progress.  Here are three from this week:

These are each 9×12 inches.  The goal this week was to have small active/busy areas with a greater proportion of calm/quiet areas.  I love the colors and the contrast in each of these.  I am papering a wall in my studio with some of the paintings.  Most are studies rather than finished pieces.  That is why I enjoyed this week’s exercises – we were able to actually create completed works.

I am busy getting ready for a Passageways Studio Open House on April 1 (2-5pm), so I have been cleaning up and re-organizing the studio.  I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful space in which to spend time creating!  I will post pictures once it is presentable.

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