My word for this year is MAGIC.  Not slight of hand, or fantastical magic, but the kind of magic found each day in simple activities and in contemplation.  I know when I am able to still the jumbled thoughts in my mind, and reach into that still point at my heart center, there I find magic.  This magic holds the potential to change my life, change the lives of those around me, change the world.

I, like many of my friends and colleagues, have been dealing with increased fear and anxiety over the last few months.  The greed and selfishness, anger and hostility, and lack of judgment and integrity that has risen into view makes us afraid for the future of ourselves, our families, our planet.  The patriarchal world view encompassing competition for resources, fear of others who are different than oneself, separateness and exclusion is becoming old and outdated.  Yet, many hold on desperately to this view, fearing what they do not understand.

I believe a new paradigm is rising – one based on unconditional love, celebrating diversity while at the same time establishing connection, sharing resources, and treating the earth as our home, not something to be used for profit.  As more people glimpse the universe beyond their own ego they touch the interconnection of all energy, all life.  Ego, in this context, refers to the illusion that we are separate – separate from each other, from other living creatures, from the earth, from the universe.  If we believe we are separate we are able to justify greed and hatred.  If we believe that we are connected, as one entity, how can we harm another, since what we are doing is really harming ourselves?

I have had other blogs in the past, mostly about my art.  My intention for this blog is to continue to post the journey of my creative life in my art, but also to speak from my heart about my life, and about being human in a time of changing consciousness.  Basically, I will talk about my art, philosophical and spiritual musings, and share some poetry.  I want to be one voice among many who are dreaming, hoping, striving, and working towards a better world.  One where everyone has food, clean water, warm clean homes, dignity, friendship, love and joy.  If you want to see my old blog, check it out here:  I am in the process of changing my first name from Anne to Artemis.  That is the main reason for the new blog, but it also has helped me to re-think my intention for a new blog.

By the way, the cards and “magic” words above are by my friend Colleen Attara, an artist who uses her intuition to create lovely cards, prints, and “salvaged words”.  These positive messages flow out into the world promoting hope and courage.


1 thought on “Magic”

  1. Artemis, glad you are blogging with your new name and goals. I hope to hear more. It is very therapeutic. You will make it through these troubling times as we all will. It will just take time for the wheel to turn and change for compassion to come.


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